LoVe My FrieNds

Feb 9, 2011

MemPerKeNaLkaN : F.T. Island

Siapa F.T Island????
Ntah..aku p0n x kenal..
Baru aku perasan kemunculan Boy band ni.
Ni bkn kumpulan baru..
Tapi aku yang ketinggalan...
Ntah brapa banyak dah album d0rang.
Baru aku pandang.....

F.T. Island stands for "Five Treasure Island". They can also be called FTI for short. It means that all 5 member of FTI are treasures. They are a 5 member band and their music genres are rock and ballad. The band's official color is yellow and the official names of their fans are "Primadonnas".

Choi Jong Hun (or Jonghoon) is the leader of the band, sub vocalist, plays the the guitar, and keyboard.
Lee Hongki (or Hong Gi) is the main/lead vocalist.
Lee Jae Jin is the sub vocalist, rapper, and plays the bass.
Choi Minhwan is the sub vocalist and plays the drums.
Song Seunghyun (who replaces Oh Wonbin, former member) is the sub vocalist, rapper, and plays the guitar.

Oh Wonbin, former member of F.T. Island, quit the band due to music differences. He is pursuing a solo career and training again as a trainee in the same company. He left the group on January 28, 2009.